Will My Ex Be Back

Will My Ex Be Back

torsdag 10 oktober 2013

How to Make Him Pay Attention to You Now

Getting his attention used to be easy. All you had to do was walk into the room – any room – and you had his undivided attention. Add a little wiggle to his walk, toss your hair over your shoulder, and crook your little finger and he’d come running fast. Lately, the only thing that gets that much love from him is the television remote. You’re starting to feel a little bit left out and worn down.
What if I told you that there is something you can do RIGHT NOW that will get his attention – in a good way?
You can!
It’s easier than you think and you don’t have to walk around the house wearing nothing more than six-inch stilettos to get it.
Flirt with Him
How long has it been since you flirted with your guy? First of all, it WILL get his attention. He’ll be more than a little surprise and quite a bit turned on.
Now the downside is that he may instantly become suspicious. If that’s the case, don’t let it get you down. After all, you haven’t done it in a while.
The problem with relationships, is that no matter how much we love each other, after a while we stop trying quite as hard. We become a little bit complacent. Bringing back the flirting lets him know that you’re willing to try a little harder.
He’ll probably like it a lot more than he’ll ever let on.
Take it a little beyond hair tosses and batted eyelashes though. Let him know how big, strong, and handsome you think he is (of course you’ll want to find ways to say it that don’t leave you sounding like Betty Boop — unless that’s the kind of thing your guy likes).
This is all about him. You want to remind him that he’s the only man for you. Flirting, sends the signal to him that you think he’s still worth trying for – no matter how long you’ve been together.
Touch Him!
Want to kick things up a notch? Touch him. Men express and experience love in a different way than women. It doesn’t have to be sexual touching, though that certainly doesn’t hurt your odds of getting his attention. But, he likes to be touched.
Rub his shoulders. Scratch his back. Hold his hands. Reach out and touch him and see what an instant response that gets from him.
We live in a day and time when attention is easily divided. Bringing a little bit of flirting and a whole lot of touching back into the relationship is the fastest way you have at your disposal to get his attention – in a very good way.
Todays article is right on the spot; in todays tcchnologic society its easy to forget about whats really important in life, and thats is personal meetings and personal touch. In a relationship its most crucial to see and confirm each other in order to have a sustainable and lasting relation. I really hope that this article will help you in the right direction and i wish you a great day wherever you are!
Dick Scott/Admin How To Get Lover Back
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